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Turnkeys are our passion.
Motorsports is our obsession.

With experience building simulators since 2008, Apex V2R Turnkeys are the epitome of motorsports simulation with our meticulously crafted racing simulators. Built to the highest standards by experienced racers who comprehend the essence of 'real' racing, our simulators guarantee an unmatched experience. Take advantage of our Turnkey Consultation to personalize your simulator solution.

Elevate your racing journey with authenticity and precision with an Apex V2R simulator.

We Take Care Of:

  • Assembly of the chassis and computer

  • Set up and calibration of all hardware

  • Software installation

  • Hardware delivery anywhere in the world

  • On location installation

  • Operation training of the simulator

Watch more of our builds

Keep up with us through our YouTube channel, where you can watch behind the scenes of race weekends, car & sim builds and more

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