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Our team of experts are experienced with designing/building plug-and-play simulator solutions that are ready to go in your home or business. All it takes is a consultation to capture your exact needs and we’ll have you behind the wheel in no time.

Turnkey simulators are fully customizable.

What differs Apex V2R to its competitors is our extensive experience with real motorsports. We are proud to say that our solutions are built by Real Racers for Real and Sim Racers. We have been building simulator solutions for customers since 2009. Contact us to make your dreams a reality.

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We Take Care Of:

  • Assembly of the chassis and computer

  • Set up and calibration of all hardware

  • Software installation

  • Hardware delivery

  • On location installation

  • Operation training of the simulator

Watch more of our builds

Keep up with us through our YouTube channel, where you can watch behind the scenes of race weekends, car & sim builds and more

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