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Trak Racer Universal Oversized Seat Bracket for GT and Formula Seating Position

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Adjustable 18-Stage Seat Brackets - Universal for GT Seating and Formula Seating


The Trak Racer Seat Brackets are a great fit for all Cockpits and Vehicles to mount a large range of different seats. 

A perfect addition for any Sim Rig!  


  • Fits most mountable seats
  • Steel Construction
  • Black Finish
  • Mounting points for Trak Racer's Shifter Mount and Flight Sim Mounts
  • Suitable for all aluminium profile rigs including Trak Racer TR160 and TR80.
  • Suitable for RS6 cockpits if the standard RS6 shifter mount is NOT used (alternative for standard shifter/handbrake mount: TR-HBMN-RL)
  • NOT Suitable for Trak Racer TR8 - This one will come into stock Jan 2021

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