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Private Coaching

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Looking to improve on track and have your own private coach during a lapping event or competition? Our Trackside Coaching is perfect for you. This service includes on and off track coaching and is a great way to improve your lap times.  We will work with you or your group** to become faster, safer and more efficient drivers. Typical lessons include threshold and trail braking, optimal driving line, tire/brake management, staying calm and focused, and race-craft (for those competing).

We use modern learning approaches as well as data analysis captured with Aim Sports Solo 2 equipment to keep learning fun yet targeted and transparent. The data analysis allows us to show you exactly where you are losing time, how you are accelerating, braking, cornering and even which line you follow. Using data, you can learn just like the pros.

*travel costs may be applied if track distance is above 150km from Ottawa.

**Half-day and full-day options can be split between multiple drivers (maximum of 3)  

Looking For The Real Experience?

Apex V2R organizes High Performance Driving Experiences: Click Here For More Information

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