Thrustmaster T-LCM - Pedal add-on

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The T-LCM pedal add-on! LCM stands for Load Cell and Magnets. These pedals feature a load cell brake and Thrustmaster’s patented H.E.A.R.T. hall effect sensors for the brake and clutch pedals. Hall effect sensors mean more reliability as there are no potentiometers that can wear out over time. H.E.A.R.T. sensors also provide increased precision and pedal resolution. Load cell brake pedals are preferred by competitive sim racers because they provide a new level of realism and performance by reading the pressure being applied to the brake, rather than the position of the brake pedal. Thrustmaster fans have long awaited a high end pedal offering from their favorite sim band and Thrustmaster’s new T-LCM is poised to meet and exceed all expectations! Orders to be fulfilled around mid April.   

This batch of the T-LCM pedals will include all 3 of our brake mods.

Developed with the help of real life racing drivers, the Apex V2R Performance Brake Mod simulates a hydraulic feel to take your T-LCM pedals to the next level. Similar in function to the conical brake mod on T3PA series pedals, this mod will add progressive resistance to the last half of your brake pedal travel, allowing you to be faster and more consistent with your brake modulation, leading to faster and more consistent lap times. 

"Thank you for making this product. Started testing it last night. Just used the white bushing to start with, with a red spring & can’t believe the feel. It’s astounding. Looking forward to testing with different combos." - Dan Raynor

These pedals pair very well with the TS-PC Racer.

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