Simulator Configuration and Setup

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Professional Simulator Configuration and Setup

Having trouble getting the correct field of view? Is your driving position causing you pain during long races? Are you simply in over your head with all of the software and mods available? We can help!

With our Professional Simulator Configuration and Setup Service, our experts will come to your home or connect virtually to optimize your simulator setup for ease of use, ergonomics, and maximum performance! 

Our team has decades of combined experience in real world racing, drifting, coaching, and race car building experience that we apply when we configure your setup for the optimal seating and viewing positions. Properly calculated field of view makes a world of difference for immersion, judging distances, and spotting apexes.

There are a whole host of important companion apps, mods, and software packages our team use that can drastically improve your simulation driving experience and performance. Our experts will install, configure, and teach you how to use them all effectively. Apps we use include but are not limited to: VRS, SimHub, CrewChief, ACTI/MOTEC, Discord etc. 

Looking to add button boxes, fans, extra screens, or peripherals? We can advise you on what brackets and mounts to use and make any necessary modifications to your cockpit to accommodate your desired extras.