Data Analysis

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Looking to improve your driving using expert data analysis? Apex V2R can offer you those services.  We have years of experience with multiple software in analyzing data to improve the performance of drivers.  We have experience with data analysis from working with teams in the Pirelli World Challenge, responsible for adjusting the balance of performance of the competitors in the Super Production Challenge to helping new drivers learn more efficiently.  Data makes understanding your driving more transparent, instead of working in grey zones, your driving becomes black and white.  Your driving becomes quantifiable, we can measure exactly just how much time you are loosing and where it can be gained as well as show what needs to change from the braking to the racing line.

If you already own your data capturing hardware such as an Aim Solo, or use a simulator at home, simply send us your data and we can analyze it, prepare a report and do a full verbal debrief.  If you do not have a device, we can rent you one of our Aim Solo 2 which you can bring with you next time you are on track.