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Apex V2R Performance Brake Mod V2 for Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals

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***Free shipping world wide with our brake mods. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 3-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY***

Developed with the help of real life racing instructors and Thrustmaster sponsored sim racers, the Apex V2R Performance Brake Mod simulates a hydraulic feel to take your T-LCM pedals to the next level. Similar in function to the conical brake mod on T3PA series pedals, this mod will add progressive resistance to the last half of your brake pedal travel, allowing you to be faster and more consistent with your brake modulation, leading to faster and more consistent lap times. 
   This mod is made of a flexible polyurethane material and has been designed to work perfectly with Thrustmaster's load cell in the T-LCM pedals. The structure and shape was carefully developed to be fully compressed at the exact point that the load cell is registering 100% braking. Installation of the mod takes only seconds, requires no tools, and will not affect your warranty.
   Included in the package are 4 of our standard brake mods (hard, medium, soft, supersoft), plus a our new pre-load upgrade spacer. If you manage to break one don't worry, just send us a photo of the damaged unit and we will ship you out a replacement. 

"Thank you for making this product. Started testing it last night. Just used the white bushing to start with, with a red spring & can’t believe the feel. It’s astounding. Looking forward to testing with different combos." - Dan Raynor

New Brake Mod Color Code:

(orders processed after 06/06/2022)

BLUE = Supersoft

WHITE = Soft

BLACK = Medium

GREEN = Hard 

Looking For The Real Experience?

Apex V2R organizes High Performance Driving Experiences: Click Here For More Information

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