Apex V2R Experiences

Not sure what to choose from for your experience at Simwerks? Why not pick one of our recommendations!!!  Our recommendations have been designed for everyone!To book any of our experiences, please follow the link below to our Simulator booking page. Pick your Simulator and then the preferred duration from the drop down menu! 

Race The Rainbow


Relive the joys of your childhood by racing around Mushroom Bridge or Rainbow Road in Virtual Reality with go karts.  To bring back those great memories. (recommended duration 30 minutes)


Super or Classic Car Cruise

We all want to hit the open road in a dream car, but we all don't have the money to do it. Come in and spend some time in your favorite car on the open road. We promise you won't get a speeding ticket! (recommended duration 30 minutes)


German and Italian Experience 

Pick your favorite German or Italian car, circuit or road and get ready to drive. (recommended duration 30 minutes)


GT3 Racing

GT3 cars are some the most raced vehicles on the planet with nearly every top automotive manufacturer competing. In this package we will start you off in TCR spec cars which are slightly slower but similar until you are ready to tackle a GT3 car. You will get to experience 2 different cars and tracks! Bring a friend to race or race against AI! (recommended duration 60 minutes)


Formula Grand Prix 

This package is for the person looking for the ultimate racing experience or the F1 fanatic.  You will experience 3 different types of formula cars starting from a Formula Tatuus, followed by a Lotus 125 and finish with a Formula Hybrid 2018.   You will also get to drive on 3 different circuits that are currently on the F1 calendar. (recommended duration 90 minutes)