King of the Ring Contest


Have you been spending your time at home driving laps around Nurburgring on your sim and think you have what it takes to be the fastest? This contest has been created to search for the best drivers around. Stamp your skills and gain bragging rights. 

Audi TT RS Cup - THE LORD – Currently Tom Russell / 8:43.384

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 - THE KING – Currently Marc-Antoine Landry / 8:24.045

Porsche 919 LMP1 – THE EMPEROR – Currently Marc-Andre Seguin / 7:21.793



  • A driver can only hold one title.
  • If a driver reaches a higher title, he vacates the lower one to the runner up takes over the spot
  • Any driver that wins a title gets his session for free
  • Any participant needs to start from the lowest rank. In order to challenge the next level, he or she must get within 5% of the fastest time set in the current class.
  • Only times set in store count for the competition
  • Default setup must be used
  • Only clean laps count (no offs)