Calabogie Motorsport Park

This world-class facility is home to the longest track in Canada, at 5.05 km in length, consisting of 20 turns, measuring 40 feet wide, and featuring a 2,000 ft. long straightaway. Since opening in the fall of 2006, the Alan Wilson designed track has become the preferred destination for North American motorsports enthusiasts. The Calabogie track has been designed to provide a challenging, safe and charismatic venue for amateur and club level performance drivers.

Located right in the Nation's Capital's backyard, Calabogie Motorsports Park is only 1 hour west of downtown Ottawa.

Our simulators are the perfect way to prepare for your day at the track.

Calabogie Motorsports Park has been laser scanned for the simulators, enabling you to get a fully accurate training ground - without wearing your tires.

Benefits from driving Calabogie on the simulators:

  • Learn the track before your first visit, to get the most out of your track time.
  • Stay sharp during the winter months.
  • Over 300 cars to choose from. Practice with the car you own, and get an accurate feel for the track and what your car can do.
  • Hone your skills through our coaching. Our data + telemetry options will analyze the technical aspects of your driving and give you the facts on how to cut down your lap times. 
  • Try the Calabogie’s Racing Mustangs, which have been specially setup on the sims to match their performance on track.


Think you are a Calabogie Pro? Try your hand at our King of Calabogie Challenge.

Think you have what it takes to be the fastest? This contest has been created to search for the best drivers around. Stamp your skills and gain bragging rights.


THE KNIGHT - The Calabogie Ford Mustang - Greg Van Dalen : (2:28.345) 

THE LORDAudi RS3 TCR - Nathan Blok: (1:59.539) 

THE PRINCE - Radical SR3 - Eric Beuman: (1:55.589)

THE KING - Ford Gt GTE LMS - Tom Russell: (1:52.454) 

THE EMPERORFormula 1 Hybrid 2019 - Marc-Andre Seguin (1:24.452)



  • Any driver that wins a title gets his session for FREE.
  • To be the inaugural title holder, you must beat the "benchmark" time.
  • A driver can only hold one title.
  • If a driver reaches a higher title, he vacates the lower one and the runner up takes over the spot.
  • Any participant needs to start from the lowest rank. In order to challenge the next level, he or she must get within 5% of the fastest time set in the current class.
  • Only times set in store count for the competition.
  • Default setup must be used.
  • Only clean laps count (no offs).