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Driver Development

Coaching and Training is our speciality

We have been delivering driver performance training for over 14 years. Since then, we have trained thousands of clients in real life and on the simulators. We have built HPDE programs for different organizations such as Calabogie Motorsport Park. 

Our understanding of training is above standards due to our experience working with the Protective Services of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. For 5 years we were responsible for their National Training Program. During our time with the organization, we gained experience with designing training, developing training standards, creating and implementing training assessment tools and developing instructors. 

Safety is a key factor of motorsport training. We played a leading role in brining the Motorsport Safety Foundation program to Canada. Each year we host training to develop better instructors and raise the training standards Nationally for performance driving. 


Why Us?

We offer training solutions that work for you. Everyone is different, we all have unique goals and different resources to get there.  Learning must be fun, strategic and measurable.  Ask us about a free training consultation to find out how we can help you become the best driver you can be.

Motorsport is a SPORT

Most performance drivers are active in either track days or real racing for less than 60 hours per year. Think about athletes in other sports if they only spent that amount of time owning their craft. Imagine people that play the following sports; golf, cycling, tennis, hockey, and baseball. How many hours do you think they spend a year practicing or playing? The lesson here is that Motorsport is a Sport, in order to be a better and safer driver, you need more time driving. Simulators are a great solution to supplement more driving time. 


Strategic Training Approach


Setting Measurable Goals

Having targets that can be tracked is key to being successful. We take care of identifying, implementing and measuring performance to ensure we stay on the right track. We are experts at using data telemetry from the virtual and real world to identify exactly how you are performing and where the gaps are. 


Practice, Practice, Practice

In order to get better it is important to match the time and effort in practicing to the goals you have set for yourself. Through virtual simulator solutions and/or our abundance of track day/race weekends available, we recommend a plan that works for you and will sure to succeed. 



What is the point of training? To perform better of course. From enjoying your track days more, being a safer driver, shaving seconds of your lap times or securing more podiums we guaranty your success with our solutions.

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