Universal Inverted Pedal / Formula Bracket with Foot Plate for 500mm Extruded Aluminium Rigs

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Adjustable Inverted / Formula Position Pedal Mount for Trak Racer TR80s, TR160's and Other 8020 Rigs. 

*This pedal mount makes use of the standard pedal plate included with TR8020 cockpits. This item does NOT included a pedal plate. If you wish to purchase this mount for use with another brand of 8020 cockpit, we recommend purchasing the Trak Racer Pedal Plate for an easy no-drill install"

Pedal Plate (SKU: TR80-PLATE) required if you do not already have the Pedal Plate included with the Trak Racer TR160. 

The Trak Racer Inverted Pedal Mount Set is another innovation by Trak Racer and includes a foot rest and huge amount of angle adjustment on the side brackets.

Compatibility: Suitable for any aluminium profile with 8mm slot. Designed for Trak Racer TR160 as well as Trak Racer TR80 and other extruded aluminium rigs 500mm (internally) wide.  

Optional: TR160 Pedal Plate for use with SP-TR80-OPNB and TR80-INVPED for TR80 and TR160 (SKU: TR80-PLATE)

Included: All Mounting Screws/T-Nuts to mount both below the profile (foot rest) and above (plate brackets). The clever design mounts inside the chassis for maximum height and angle adjustments.

The Brackets are made out of thick carbon steel and can be angle adjusted and moved forwards and backwards. 

Adjustable Pedal Mount Features
Unique Bracket Design *Patent Pending
Fully adjustable bracket for both angle, height and slide
Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction