Royal Sim Tech Handbrake Conversion kit: Hydraulic Handbrake to Analog Sim Handbrake

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This kit includes everything you need to turn almost any hydraulic handbrake into a fully analog USB simulator handbrake in around 10 minutes with no wiring or programming necessary. Simply install the box, spring, and bracket into your favorite handbrake, plug it into USB, and enjoy with your favorite simulation titles!

Kit includes:
- USB Potentiometer module
- High resistance springs
- All required hardware

Please note this product is intended for use with PC and may not be supported on console games. On PC it will work with any game or sim that supports axis input for handbrake control. This is a stand alone USB device that can be used with any combination of wheel and pedals from brands like Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Logitech, OSW, Simucube, Accuforce, and Simagic.