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About Us

Established in the vibrant city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Apex V2R emerged in 2018 with a clear vision — to seamlessly unite the realms of virtual and real-world motorsports. Since our inception, we've successfully welcomed thousands into the exhilarating universe of sim racing, collaborating on transformative projects with distinguished partners such as Porsche and Red Bull.

Our dedication extends beyond mere simulation; we are resolutely committed to erasing the boundaries between real and virtual racing. This commitment manifests in our dual-pronged approach: advancing our real racing initiatives and fostering driver development programs, all while pushing the boundaries to create increasingly immersive and true-to-life motorsports simulators. At Apex V2R, we are not just redefining the future of racing; we are actively shaping it

Apex V2R providing coaching and support at a track day
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